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How Dental Implants Help You Look Younger Galt, CA
male patient after all on 4 dental implants procedure

Your smile can have a drastic impact on your overall appearance. If you have missing teeth, you are likely to look much older than you really are. What you may not know, however, is that how you choose to replace the gaps in your smile can also influence how old (or young) you look. Dental implants are the gold standard solution in restorative dentistry, and they do the best job at helping you look and feel young. Here’s what you can expect from your investment in implants dentistry:

Eliminate a Toothless Grin
Toothless smiles are cute on babies or young children, but not for adults. When adults have gaps within their smile, it portrays an aged appearance. Dental implants can not only replace the missing teeth you currently have, but they can also help prevent further tooth loss. When a tooth goes missing, the surrounding teeth will tilt toward the open space and may eventually lose their stability and fall out. Dental implants replace missing teeth so that you can regain a youthful smile.

Prevent Facial Collapse
Dental implants affect more than just the outward appearance of your teeth. When tooth roots are missing, the jawbone no longer gets the stimulation it needs to retain its density and form. This can cause a hallowed or collapsed appearance in the lower face known as premature facial aging. These facial changes caused by bone loss in the jaw can also occur with traditional dentures. Dental implants are the only way to prevent facial collapse caused by jaw bone deterioration.

Stabilize Teeth for Eating and Speaking
Nothing will take you out of your prime like having to avoid certain foods or social situations due to loose dentures. In fact, if you have removable dentures that tend to slip when you eat fibrous fruits and vegetables, you may resort to a soft foods diet that is high in carbs. This can lead to obesity and an unhealthy body that makes it hard to stay young and fit.

We know that smiling, laughing and interacting with other people can be the key to staying young. If you don’t have confidence in your replacement teeth, you may avoid such activities. However, since dental implants are anchored into your jawbone, you’ll be able to enjoy and engage in these youthful moments and activities without fear of your teeth falling out of place.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Is your smile representing an appearance that is much older than your chronological age? Let us help. DNTL Hub proudly offers a full menu of restorative dentistry options, including dental implants. Call our Galt dental clinic today to learn if you’re a candidate for implant dentistry.

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