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Perhaps the most important innovation in modern dentistry is the dental implant. This revolutionary method of replacing missing teeth is truly the closest way to restore natural-appearing and functioning teeth. Dental implants are secured into the patient’s jawbone, just like a natural tooth, to offer secure and permanent tooth replacement. Dr. Devan Dalla and the team at DNTL Hub offer advanced options in dental implants at our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Galt, near Lodi, CA.

Virtually everything about a dental implant is like a natural tooth. The “root” of the implant is a titanium screw that is embedded in the jawbone during oral surgery. The bone grows around this root, a process called osseointegration, making it secure. A post is then attached to the root, called an abutment. To this, Dr. Dalla can attach a dental crown to complete a single tooth, or other dental prosthetic devices, such as implant secured dentures or dental bridges.

Dental implants look and function like a natural tooth, offering the most natural option in tooth replacement. For the most permanent, natural tooth replacement option available in modern restorative dentistry, ask Dr. Dalla to share more about dental implants.

Excellence in Implant Dentistry

The true key to success and excellence in implant dentistry is the skill and experience of your restorative dentist. Dr. Dalla has extensive training and experience using dental implants for tooth and full smile restorations. Whether you need one tooth restored or your entire smile, he can offer options using dental implants that will meet your needs.

Dr. Dalla and the team at DNTL Hub use advanced 3D imaging and other technology for the precise placement of your dental implants to give them the best chance of success. We can also provide bone grafting if needed, to add strength to your jawbone for the implants. We even offer a stunning new option called All-on-4 implants that use only four implants on the top and bottom. This allows even more patients to enjoy the benefits of implant dentistry.

Contact DNTL Hub in Galt today to schedule your implant dentistry consultation with Dr. Dalla. A team member can also discuss insurance and payment options with you at your convenience.

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