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The wisdom teeth are the last four large molars to erupt in your mouth, usually in the late teens or early adult years. Many people see these teeth come in and have absolutely no problems. For others, these teeth can grow at different angles, even sideways, and impact your other teeth. They can cause crowding, discomfort and other problems with your oral health. In these cases, Dr. Devan Dalla and our team at DNTL Hub in Galt offer quick and pain-free wisdom teeth removal.

One important reason to maintain bi-annual dental checkups and cleanings from early childhood on is to allow Dr. Dalla to monitor how your adult teeth are growing and erupting. With advanced dental imaging, he can examine how the teeth are developing within the jaw, and this can indicate if problems are forthcoming.

Sometimes, early orthodontics can help wisdom teeth or other teeth to come in properly. Often, Dr. Dalla can tell early on that wisdom teeth will require extraction. Some people have a smaller mouth and/or jaw that simply cannot accommodate all the larger molars. Some see these teeth grow in crooked or have trouble erupting and cause dental pain or other complications.

Stress-Free, Pain-Free Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Galt

As with every type of tooth extraction, Dr. Dalla uses advanced dental imaging technology to examine the tooth in question and surrounding structures. This meticulous advanced planning is key to quick and painless wisdom teeth extractions. Most of these large molars have three or four roots that must be detached from the jaw before the tooth will come loose.

DNTL Hub offers sedation dentistry for those who need some extra help relaxing during dental procedures, and wisdom teeth removal is a procedure where we recommend it. Oral conscious sedation or IV sedation can help you be completely relaxed and at ease as we perform the needed extractions. We also ensure the site is completely numb before any treatment begins.

After your wisdom teeth are extracted, a team member will provide you with instructions for how to care for the site while it heals. You should refrain from any activity for at least two or three days, and strenuous activity for at least a week. Over-the-counter pain medications and ice packs can help you deal with any residual pain during healing.

For stress-free, pain-free wisdom teeth removal in Galt, CA, contact DNTL Hub. Ask a team member about dental insurance plans we accept and our financing options that help make quality oral care fit into any budget.

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