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Keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible is always the best option. Dr. Devan Dalla and our team at DNTL Hub are committed to helping patients of all ages maintain sound oral health to keep their natural teeth. There are occasions that arise when we may recommend removing a tooth to preserve your overall oral health. Damaged or diseased teeth are usually better off removed. We provide a painless and comfortable tooth extraction experience at our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Galt near Lodi, CA.

Teeth extractions are not occasions that see people lining up at the dental office, but modern technology and techniques allow us to make it a quick and pain-free procedure that is much less traumatic than in the past. Dr. Dalla uses advanced dental imaging to locate the tooth roots and surrounding structures to prepare for a tooth extraction. His extensive preparation is key to performing a quick and painless extraction without complications.

He uses precise skill in every action to release tooth roots for a smooth extraction process. From small incisors to complex molars with three or four roots, the right tools and techniques allow us to remove even large wisdom teeth without problems or undue discomfort.

Stress-Free, Pain-Free Tooth Removal

Residents in Galt or Lodi with a diseased or damaged tooth can expect a stress-free, pain-free tooth extraction experience at DNTL Hub. We ensure your tooth and gum are completely numb to keep you comfortable during the procedure. After obtaining the necessary dental images and preparing the right tools, Dr. Dalla will release the tooth roots and extract the tooth quickly and cleanly. The area is packed with gauze to keep it clean while it heals over the next few days. One of our team members will give you complete instructions to care for the extraction site.

DNTL Hub also offers three levels of sedation dentistry to help you remain comfortable and pain free throughout the experience. Ask a team member about sedation options if you need help relaxing during dental treatments.

When a tooth that troubles you or threatens your oral health must be removed, DNTL Hub is where you want to come for a tooth extraction. Fast, safe and pain-free, we can perform your tooth extraction to preserve oral health and offer several restorative dentistry options to replace missing teeth. Ask about the insurance plans we accept and financing options to help with unexpected dental costs when you contact DNTL Hub.

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