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Perhaps the most popular cosmetic dentistry option across the US is teeth whitening. With a single visit to DNTL Hub, you can whiten your teeth for a significant difference in appearance. Keeping your teeth white and bright takes work, but even good oral home care and routine professional cleanings cannot always prevent stains or deterioration in color from impacting your teeth.

Smoking, wine, berries, coffee and many other foods and beverages can darken teeth or leave stains that make you appear old, worn or unkempt. Aging can also cause teeth to become dull, and thinning enamel over time can even allow the yellowish dentin within your teeth to show through. Teeth whitening is a safe and effective cosmetic dental treatment that we offer at DNTL Hub in Galt. A single, professional teeth whitening treatment can make your smile several shades brighter for a noticeably better appearance.

There are numerous teeth whitening products available in stores, ranging from strips, toothpaste, pens and gels. Some may even work, but you cannot get the same results as from a professional-grade whitening treatment at the dental office. Plus, many of these products use ingredients that can damage your teeth or gums, doing you more harm than good. Dr. Dalla only uses professional-grade whitening treatments that are guaranteed safe for your oral health. He can also recommend whitening toothpastes or other treatments at home that are safe for use.

Teeth Bleaching for Special Events

When you are facing a special event in Lodi like a family reunion, class reunion or professional presentation, a whiter, brighter smile can really make you stand out. A well-kept, healthy smile speaks volumes about you, and people will notice. Schedule a teeth bleaching appointment at DNTL Hub before your next big event to make sure your smile helps produce the best image possible.

Routine teeth bleaching treatments from DNTL Hub are a great way to maintain a bright, white smile all the time. We can recommend how often you should return for touch-up treatments, making teeth whitening a regular part of your professional oral care at our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Galt.

If you are considering some form of cosmetic dentistry to improve your appearance, schedule a consultation with Dr. Devan Dalla at DNTL Hub. He can explain each of our cosmetic options, including teeth whitening, and how they can improve your oral health and smile. We also have in-house financing options to help you cover the costs of cosmetic dentistry.

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