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Every child’s teeth are prone to cavities and tooth decay. This is especially true for the back teeth that are so hard to reach and shaped with deep crevices. Cavities damage your child’s teeth and weaken the overall tooth structure, as well as hampering the development of permanent teeth and good oral health. While we offer restorative dentistry options like fillings to repair the damage from cavities, the team at DNTL Hub prefers to prevent tooth decay from occurring. This is why teeth sealing is an option we offer our younger patients from the Napa Valley, Galt, Lodi and Elk Grove, CA.

All teeth have some irregular shape, but the back molars have deep grooves and pits that can collect food debris. This leftover food attracts and feeds harmful bacteria that eat its way through teeth enamel and can cause serious problems. For younger children who may have trouble brushing these back teeth, this becomes a prime area for tooth decay to develop. Dental sealants are a preventive service we recommend that can reduce cavities in the back molars for children and teens.

Protect Your Child from Cavities with Teeth Sealants

A protective layer of dental sealant, a form of resin, can be painted onto the surface of your child’s teeth after a professional cleaning. It is then cured to solidify, forming a flexible, but tough, protective layer over the teeth. Studies have shown that using dental sealants can cause a significant reduction in instances of tooth decay. This saves you money and time from repairs, and extends the protection of your child’s oral health. The protective film wears off slowly over time, usually lasting several years.

Dr. Dalla and our hygienist recommend dental sealants for children once their permanent molars arrive, usually between the ages of 6-14. Most sealants are used on permanent teeth, but it is possible to use sealants on baby teeth to prevent cavities. The protection can last for several years, as it wears away slowly.

Preventing tooth decay is one of the most important aspects of our job in protecting your child’s smile. Dr. Dalla and the team at DNTL Hub can share more about dental sealants and if this and/or other preventive care measures are right for your child at your next exam. Contact our practice today to schedule an examination and cleaning, and ask about dental sealants.

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