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An annoyed woman covering ears with a pillow due to her partner's snoring.

Sleep apnea has become a common problem for many adults. Gasping for air and paused breathing off and on throughout the night prevents you from getting the restful sleep you need for good health. Forced-air CPAP machines are generally the frontline treatment recommendation for most patients with sleep apnea, but many people find that they cannot sleep while wearing the mask or equipment required. Dr. Devan Dalla and the team at DNTL Hub offer a simpler form of sleep apnea treatment in Galt, California with general dentistry.

The most prevalent cause of sleep apnea is the tissue at the back of the throat collapsing and partially blocking the airway. This causes snoring and gasping for air that is characteristic of sleep apnea sufferers. Many patients can stop snoring and get the restful sleep they need with a minor adjustment of the jaw that helps to hold the airway open while sleeping. A custom-fitted dental mouthguard from DNTL Hub can be a simpler and easier solution for sleep apnea treatment.

Relief from Snoring and Teeth Grinding

Sometimes a person has trouble sleeping because of excessive snoring or teeth grinding – and so does their sleep partner! Stress, excess weight or other issues can cause you to have these maladies and not get the rest you need. A custom dental mouthguard holds your jaw in a position to stop snoring and keep your teeth from touching while you sleep.

This is valuable protection for your teeth as well as relief from snoring, allowing you to actually rest in a deeper sleep that leaves you refreshed and filled with energy in the mornings. Plus, your sleep partner and others who try to rest nearby will surely be grateful, too! Dr. Dalla can create the necessary imprint to create a dental mouthguard that fits securely and comfortably over your teeth and holds your jaw in the correct position to relieve snoring and teeth grinding.

Custom Dental Mouthguards for Sleep Apnea, Snoring & Teeth Grinding Relief

If you’ve been diagnosed in Galt with sleep apnea, suffer from excessive snoring or have been told that you grind your teeth at night, DNTL Hub offers a simple solution – custom dental mouthguards. Ask about them on your next visit to our clinic or call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dalla to learn more.

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