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You have probably heard someone say, “I’d rather endure a root canal than do that!” This common belief about the terrible pain of a root canal stems from history. In the past, dentists required more than one appointment to complete a root canal procedure, and they were long and generally painful. Thanks to modern advancements in dentistry and dental technology, that view is now outdated. Dr. Devan Dalla and our talented oral care team at DNTL Hub offer fast and pain-free root canal therapy for residents of Galt, California, and the surrounding areas.

Root canals are part of a dental specialty called endodontics that deal with treatments to the interior of your teeth. Instead of a long and arduous dental procedure to be avoided at all costs, root canals are now a quick and painless way to save a diseased tooth. When an infection reaches the live inner pulp of a tooth, root canal therapy may be recommended to remove diseased pulp and nerves to relieve pain and stop the infection.

Dr. Dalla and our team use the most advanced dental procedures, tools and technology, like cutting-edge imaging and dental equipment, to perform root canal therapy. In a single visit, we can remove the diseased inner material from the tooth to eliminate the pain from infection. Patients find that they can actually relax while we perform this advanced dental treatment to restore oral health.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Don’t believe old wives tale – root canals are often the only way to save an infected tooth. Root canal therapy opens the root canal from the top of the tooth. The pulp and infected nerve root are removed – this is the source of your pain. With it gone, so is your discomfort! The canal is then disinfected and repacked with sterilized material and the tooth is sealed. In most cases, teeth that have undergone root canal therapy will need a dental crown to protect the weakened tooth from damage.

If a painful tooth is bothering you, it could be infected. If so, Dr. Dalla and our team can remove the infected tooth pulp and nerves and save the tooth from loss. We also offer tooth-colored crowns that match your other teeth for a discreet repair. Contact us in Galt, CA, for root canal therapy to relieve pain from an infected tooth. We accept most dental insurance and have financing options to help you cover the costs of unexpected dental treatments.

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