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Your gums provide crucial support for your teeth, but they are soft and sensitive to irritation from bacteria. Tartar and plaque buildup allow bacteria to thrive and cause your gums to become inflamed and even recede from your teeth. This is an early symptom of gingivitis, or gum disease. DNTL Hub offers receding gum treatment to restore your oral and gum health for stronger, healthier teeth.

Receding gums already indicate an existing problem with prolific bacteria, but it also leaves open pockets around the teeth for even more bacteria to flourish. This leads to infected gum tissue and eventually, weakened gums and loose teeth. Your toothbrush cannot reach into these pockets caused by receding gums, so the situation only grows worse. Gum disease accelerates and oral health worsens, creating higher risks for your general health as well.

Relief for Bleeding or Swollen Gums

Receding, bleeding or swollen gums need immediate treatment from a dental professional. At DNTL Hub, Dr. Devan Dalla, our hygienist and the rest of the oral health team are committed to helping you maintain good oral health and a winning smile. We can combat more advanced stages of gum disease with everything in our arsenal to restore your oral health.

We will begin with a thorough teeth cleaning and periodontal exam. Our hygienist measures the pockets around your teeth in the receding gum tissue as part of the overall periodontal exam to detect signs of gum disease. A good, thorough teeth cleaning is the next important step to scrape away any tartar and plaque on the teeth. Some buildups may require root planing and scaling, a form of deep cleaning, to completely remove all tartar and plaque. We also may prescribe more frequent teeth cleanings, a medicated oral rinse or other measures as part of your treatment plan.

If you have noticed receding gums, now is the time to schedule your next checkup and professional teeth cleaning at DNTL Hub. We are conveniently located in Galt and have extended service times to help you fit oral care into your busy schedule. We also accept most dental insurance and have in-house financing options to help you fit treatments into your budget. Ask about them when you call us today.

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