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A happy woman with a perfect smile holding an invisible orthodontic aligner.

Orthodontics is the dental specialty of straightening crooked or misaligned teeth. Most people are familiar with the “metal smile” of an adolescent or teen wearing braces to fix oral problems. While metal braces are still a standard treatment, and sometimes the best option for certain malocclusions or misalignment problems, there are also other, newer options to straighten your teeth for a perfect smile. Dr. Devan Dalla is an orthodontic dentist that offers several options for straightening crooked smiles at DNTL Hub in Galt, California.


Everyone wants a perfect California smile. Your smile is a vital aspect to your appearance, easily noticed for being beautiful or flawed. Orthodontic treatment is custom designed for each patient to correct dental problems for an even, straight smile. This is great for your appearance, but a straight smile with evenly spaced teeth has other benefits. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean with regular brushing and flossing. Perfectly aligned teeth chew food more thoroughly for better nutrition.

Your dentist has an easier time with professional cleanings when your smile is even and straight. The smallest oral health issue can be detected much easier and sooner with a straight smile. Orthodontic treatments improve your appearance, but also your oral health and general health. Modern orthodontics offer options for adolescents, teens and adults who need help correcting their smile.

Discreet Options for Straightening Teeth

A major objection to orthodontic treatment in the past was the harm to one’s appearance. Few relished the thought of metal braces for a prolonged period of time. Plus, wires and bands can be problematic, and the restrictions on what the patient can and cannot eat can be cumbersome to many. Modern orthodontic technology offers some more discreet options that correct teeth misalignments with almost invisible components.

At DNTL Hub, we offer the most modern and discreet option for straightening teeth:

Invisalign® is the original brand of clear plastic orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth with almost invisible removable trays. Many of the limits on eating and other activities are removed with Invisalign treatment, and in many cases, treatment is just as effective as metal braces but in a shorter time.


Contact DNTL Hub today if your adolescent or teen needs orthodontic treatment or you are an adult that wishes to improve the alignment of your smile. We offer discreet options for straightening teeth as well as traditional braces at our dental clinic in Galt.

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