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Traditional, removable dentures are supported by your gums and require some form of adhesive to help hold them in place. Some patients worry over the stability of their dentures and the possibility of losing them during active moments. A great new advancement in restorative dentistry can be combined with dentures to offer a much more stable option. Implant supported dentures rely on a few strategically located dental implants to secure them in place. DNTL Hub offers implant supported dentures for patients in Galt, Lodi and Elk Grove, CA.

If you live a more active lifestyle and worry about your dentures slipping out while you sing, laugh or eat with friends, implant supported dentures are the answer. Not only are they meticulously crafted to fit your mouth with 3D imaging technology and advanced techniques, but they are also anchored to dental implants. These implants are embedded into your jawbone, just like natural teeth, for a solid and secure dental restoration solution. Implant supported dentures will not slip out of place, fall out or otherwise embarrass you in social situations.

You can enjoy increased functional stability for chewing as well as solid reliability that allows you to smile and laugh with abandon. Plus, the jawbone stimulation from the dental implant causes continued bone regrowth to maintain a healthy and natural-looking facial appearance.

Increased Confidence for Active Living

Combining dentures with dental implants is a popular and affordable way to get the benefits of dental implants and dentures. Full mouth restorations with dental implants can be extremely costly and time-consuming. Implant supported dentures usually only require between 4-8 implants on the top and bottom. This means less bone density in the jaw is required, and the process is simpler and somewhat faster. Dr. Dalla can explain the various options that he tailors to fit the needs of each patient.

Implant supported dentures offer a more natural and stable restorative dentistry option, and help make replacing your missing teeth more affordable. Contact DNTL Hub in Galt today, and schedule a restorative dentistry consultation with Dr. Dalla. Ask a team member about dental insurance plans we accept and how our financing options can help you fit teeth replacement into your budget.

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