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A concerned woman covering her mouth with a hand due to bad breath.

Occasional bad breath from your favorite onion rings or a normal case of “morning breath” can generally be handled by a good brushing. Chronic bad breath, or persistent offensive-smelling breath that doesn’t go away, is called halitosis. This can be extremely embarrassing, especially in social or professional situations, and it warrants a trip to DNTL Hub for general dentistry treatment. Persistent, unpleasant breath odor is often a sign of an underlying oral health issue. Dr. Devan Dalla and our skilled team offer halitosis treatment in Galt, California.

Most cases of bad breath are caused by bacteria, similar to body perspiration odor or bad foot odor. Halitosis is typically caused by bacteria flourishing in your mouth that is not remedied with routine home oral hygiene. It could be an infected tooth or gum tissue causing the odor, or possibly a decayed tooth or an abscess. There are a few other medical conditions that can cause halitosis, but the most common causes are within the oral cavity and can be solved with treatment by your dentist.

Treatment for Bad Breath

If persistent bad breath is a cause for concern, and no amount of brushing, flossing and mouthwash seems to help, schedule a visit to DNTL Hub. Dental issues, including bad breath, are nothing to be ashamed about. We can perform a routine exam and thorough dental cleaning to ensure that no bacteria remain to cause bad breath. Plus, the exam could uncover another cause, such as an infected tooth or the beginnings of gum disease.

If we uncover a specific cause for halitosis after cleaning, Dr. Dalla may perform recommended dental treatments during your visit to solve this problem. Most can be carried out quickly without a large impact on your schedule.

No one wants to be known as the person with bad breath. If you have halitosis concerns, don’t delay contacting DNTL Hub to arrange for an exam and treatment. We can offer solutions to fix persistent bad breath in Galt and Sacramento County.

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