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When missing teeth harm the appearance and function of your smile, dentures are an affordable option to replace some or all of your teeth. You may have doubts about dentures and the trouble some people have had adapting to them, but modern dentures are far more comfortable, durable, lasting and natural-looking. Dr. Devan Dalla offers truly stunning options for restorative dentistry in Galt, CA, including traditional dentures. DNTL Hub near Lodi offers dentures with improved functionality and comfort for a winning smile.

A complete set of dentures include both upper and lower plates of artificial teeth and are supported by your gums. Dr. Dalla and the talented team at DNTL Hub use advanced 3D imaging to design our dentures, meaning you will enjoy perfectly-fitting dental prosthetic devices that are the exact shape of your gums. A new set of dentures allow you to smile with self-confidence, eat healthy foods and enjoy a new sense of pride in how you look.

Dentures are simple and easy to care for and are among the most affordable restorative dentistry options. Remove your dentures at night to soak and sanitize, then wear them all day for a completely natural appearance and function. Dr. Dalla can help you adjust to wearing your new dentures and answer any questions you have about their care.

Partial Dentures

For those patients in Galt with just a few teeth missing on the top or bottom, partial dentures are an affordable and simple option for restoring your smile. Partial, removable dentures are created to slide onto your existing teeth on either side of the gap to hold them in place. Made to match your natural teeth’s shape and color, they are a natural-appearing option for dental restorations that are also completely functional.

DNTL Hub offers a vast selection of dentures for our patients needing restorative dentistry options. From traditional complete upper and lower sets of dentures to partial dentures and modern versions that rely on dental implants for increased stability, we are sure to have the perfect option for your needs and budget. Dr. Dalla is glad to share the benefits of all the options available and help you make the best choice.

DNTL Hub in Galt accepts most forms of dental insurance, and we have in-house financing plans to help make restorative dentistry more affordable. Contact us today if you need to explore the available options for replacing missing teeth. We offer top-quality dentures and other options at our state-of-the-art dental clinic near Lodi.

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