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A mother carrying a baby in her arms.

Your child’s first teeth begin to emerge around six months of age, and it is then that they should have their first visit with the dentist. The bottom and top central front teeth, called incisors, are typically the first teeth to show up. Due to this common timeframe for emerging teeth, the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend that all children have their first dental checkup by age one. Dr. Devan Dalla, our seasoned pediatric dentist at DNTL Hub in Galt, CA, offers specialized care for children, beginning with their first visit by age one and subsequent checkups between birth to two years of age.

Although these early primary teeth are temporary and will fall out as your child grows, they have an important role to fill in the early years. Toddlers usually receive most of these teeth by the time they reach age two, and almost always by age three. They are important for:

  • Guiding the permanent teeth into the correct position
  • Correct facial development
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Proper speech development

Dental Care for Young Children in Galt & Lodi, CA

Keeping your baby’s early teeth healthy and monitoring their growth is vital to their long-term oral health. Dr. Dalla does this through regular dental checkups and cleanings that begin with your baby’s first visit by age one and continue every six months or so. This schedule ensures that your child’s smile is off to a healthy and beautiful start and that they begin developing good oral habits as early as possible. DNTL Hub offers specialized dental care for young children in Galt and Lodi, CA, by an exceptional pediatric dentist.

Infant and Toddler Dental Checkups Near Elk Grove

Bring your infant and toddler in to DNTL Hub near Elk Grove for dental checkups every six months. These routine checkups allow Dr. Dalla to monitor the development of their teeth and check for any decay or tooth problems. Dr. Dalla and team are amazing at making all our little patients feel at ease. Our kind and gentle demeanor are key to making dental visits fun learning experiences that conquer fear of the dentist from an early age.

We also seek to make your child’s dental visits informative for parents, helping to prepare you for each stage of your child’s oral development. We can show you fun ways to incorporate good home oral care into your routines to help establish healthy dental practices for life. When these habits are solidified during the first two years of a child’s lifetime, they have a much better chance of continuing throughout life.

Contact DNTL Hub in Galt today, and schedule your child’s next dental exam and teeth cleaning. We accept most dental insurance, and many plans completely cover preventive care costs for your family. We also offer financing options to help families fit good oral care into their budget. Ask about them when you call today.

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