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Two cheerful little boys showing teeth in their smiles.

Primary school ages 6 to 11 is an exciting time of development for your child in many ways, and that includes their oral health. During this stage, they have already received all their primary teeth and will begin shedding them as new permanent teeth arrive. Now more than ever, your kids need regular dental checkups and cleanings to make sure these new teeth arrive without problems from oral decay or developmental issues. Dr. Devan Dalla is a quality pediatric dentist who loves to care for your kids’ smiles at DNTL Hub in Galt.

Monitoring the arrival of your child’s permanent teeth is vital to ensure they grow in correctly without problems. Some kids can experience issues because of a smaller mouth or jaw that has trouble accommodating all their adult teeth this early in life. Some teeth develop complications growing in and need some gentle guidance from an experienced pediatric dentist. Their specialized training prepares them to handle these unique issues with preschool-aged patients.

Dr. Dalla recommends that all children in the 6 to 11 year age group should have checkups every six months to examine both their primary and permanent teeth for cavities and to monitor development. This preventive care is often covered at 100% by dental insurance. Wisely using your insurance coverage for routine care can help prevent expensive costs for repairs later that may not be completely covered.

Dental Care for Elementary School Children

Dr. Dalla and the team at DNTL Hub love the inquisitive nature and adaptability of elementary school children. This is the perfect time to explain oral care treatments and procedures, teaching them more about the importance of caring for their teeth. As a trained and experienced pediatric dentist, Dr. Dalla knows how to make dental checkups fun and interactive for your kids, further building a trusting relationship that reinforces good oral care habits.

While crucial permanent teeth are growing and coming in throughout the elementary years, it is important to maintain the regular schedule of dental checkups and cleanings every six months. Any oral issues can be caught and dealt with early, which usually costs less in time and money. Plus, this helps your child’s oral development to continue unabated.

Contact DNTL Hub in Galt near Lodi and Elk Grove, CA, today, and schedule your elementary school-aged child for their next exam and dental cleaning. Dr. Dalla and our team love caring for your child’s smile and helping them build good oral care habits for a lifetime. When you call, ask about dental insurance plans we accept and how we can help you use your benefits to the fullest.

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