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A happy mother playing with her little son in a park.

By the time your child reaches age three, they should have all their primary teeth. These beautiful preschool smiles are subject to many photographs, and they are also vital for guiding in the permanent teeth. This is why regular dental checkups for children of preschool age, three to five years old, are so important. These quickly developing permanent teeth should be monitored, as well as caring for the primary teeth, for continuing good oral health. DNTL Hub in Galt near Lodi, CA, offers superior dental care for kids preschool age 3 to 5 year-olds by a premier pediatric dentist.

Dr. Devan Dalla is an experienced and expertly trained pediatric dentist that specializes in keeping your child’s smile healthy and beautiful. During these formative years, it is absolutely vital to begin developing daily oral hygiene habits with your children. Brushing their teeth twice a day, especially before bed, helps to keep plaque, tartar and bacteria from harming their important primary teeth, as well as causing problems for developing permanent teeth. We can monitor their oral health with bi-yearly dental checkups and cleanings.

Dental Care for Preschoolers in Sacramento County

At age three, it’s time for your child to have dental x-rays and teeth cleanings to prevent damage to the baby teeth. Tooth decay can significantly impact these softer, early teeth, so it is important to ensure they are kept clean and healthy. Any tooth decay could impact the health of developing permanent teeth, causing oral issues in the future.

Dr. Dalla and the team at DNTL Hub know how to make dental visits fun for kids. Even if cavities form and require dental treatments, we know how to help your kids relax as we care for their smiles. Plus, we always begin explaining the points of good dental care as early as possible, with fun and memorable ways to help kids understand and remember. Your kids’ oral health and comfort are equal priorities at DNTL Hub.

Preschool is a fun age for caring for your children’s smiles. Kids at this age can become familiar and comfortable coming to the dentist for their checkups. We also provide amenities to help them relax, and our fun and trusting chairside manner is sure to win them over. Preschoolers ages 3 to 5 that need oral care from a seasoned pediatric dentist in Galt near Lodi and Elk Grove should come to DNTL Hub. Contact our dentist office today to schedule their next exam and ask about dental insurance and financing.

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