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Dental implants are the gold standard in restorative dentistry. They are the closest option to your natural teeth when replacing teeth with artificial dental appliances. Their bone-supported “root” makes them a sure and reliable support for individual teeth or other dental prosthetics. But just like your natural teeth, dental implants can sustain damage. Trauma, gum disease or other issues can cause a dental implant to break or even fail. Dr. Devan Dalla offers dental implant restorations in Galt, CA at DNTL Hub.

Many patients choose dental implants because they view them as a place-and-forget tooth replacement option. And yet, this isn’t entirely the case. Dental implants require care, just like natural teeth; perhaps even more so. Your natural teeth contain nerves that can send pain signals to alert you to oral health problems. Dental implants are inert, artificial and not living substitutes.

This means that in addition to routine home oral care to maintain their appearance, you need regular dental checkups to be sure no problems are developing with your implants. With no pain to tell you anything is amiss, small issues could become large, more expensive problems before you know it. Dr. Dalla can examine your implants on a routine basis to ensure they are holding up well and your oral health is stable.

Implant Repairs

Just like your natural teeth can break under pressure, your dental implants can, too. A crown or abutment can crack or come loose from impact, needing replacement. Impact or bone loss can even cause the titanium root to loosen and need removal and replacement. Maintaining your oral health is vital to the stability and longevity of your dental implants. Without healthy bone and gums, they can develop problems and become loose, just like natural teeth.

When you experience problems with a dental implant or implant supported dental prosthetic, Dr. Dalla offers quality and experienced implant repairs at our state-of-the-art dental clinic near Lodi, CA. Contact DNTL Hub if you have an issue with a dental implant. One of our team members can likely give you immediate instructions to care for your implant until you can visit our clinic.

We also have extended hours and offer emergency dentistry when you have problems with a dental implant. Call right away – we may be able to see you the same day. Ask about financing options and dental insurance to help defray the cost of emergency dental implant repairs when you call.

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