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If you have a gap in your smile due to missing teeth, it can impact your oral health and self-confidence. Missing teeth can be embarrassing, and the gaps can interfere with your existing teeth and jawbone strength. One of the restorative dentistry options for replacing missing teeth is the dental implant bridge, which can close the gaps in your smile caused by missing teeth. DNTL Hub offers smile restorations with dental implant bridges at our clinic in Galt, CA.

Traditional dental bridges use the teeth adjacent to missing teeth to support the prosthetic teeth. This requires that the two supporting teeth be fitted for dental crowns, which requires a significant amount of tooth removal. While this effectively closes the gap in the smile, it damages healthy teeth.

Dental implant bridges can replace two to three missing teeth in a row without damaging the surrounding teeth. Instead of connecting to the adjacent teeth, dental implants are used to support the bridge. This creates a sturdy support for the prosthetic teeth that are attached to the abutment on top of the dental implants.

Dental Implants for Bridges

Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone to support a variety of dental restoration devices, including dental bridges. The dental implant post is made from biocompatible titanium, which can last for decades. The post is surgically inserted into the jawbone – the post looks like a screw and becomes fused with the bone as the wound heals.

Once the implants are in place and secure, an abutment can be added to the top of the post. A dental bridge of prosthetic teeth is designed to match the rest of the teeth, then bonded to the abutments. The result is natural-appearing teeth that are functional.

Another benefit of dental implant bridges over traditional bridges is that implants stimulate bone growth. This can help minimize bone loss in the jaw for better oral health and a more youthful facial structure.

Contact our dental team at DNTL Hub if you want to learn more about implant-supported dental bridges. We are located in Sacramento County by Lodi in Galt, CA. Call today to schedule your dental implant consultation.

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