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When dental caries threaten your family’s oral health, the dentist will often remove the offending material from the tooth with dental tools and then repair the tooth with a filling. In the past, different materials were used, like metal or amalgam. Mercury in some older fillings can cause health issues, which is why cosmetic dentistry has now advanced to using composite fillings. These fillings are durable and discreet and can last for decades. Dr. Devan Dalla offers composite fillings at DNTL Hub in Galt, CA.

Whether you need a cavity filled now or are tired of having old metal fillings show when you smile or laugh, composite fillings are the most advanced method of repairing teeth. Dr. Dalla can match the filling to your natural tooth color, making them virtually invisible to observers. In the past, composite material was only used on front teeth, because the immense force used in chewing could damage them. New material is strong enough to be used on even rearmost molars.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite resin is a pliable material made from ceramic and plastic and is completely safe for oral use. It can be color mixed to almost any shade to match your natural tooth color. Even in front teeth, repairs made with composite resin are discreet and unnoticeable. With today’s modern dentistry techniques and tools, filling a dental cavity or replacing an old filling can be accomplished quickly in a single dental appointment.

Dr. Dalla will color match the composite resin to your teeth, then apply it in layers to achieve the repair. Each layer is hardened with a special light that activates hardening ingredients within the resin. This material can be used on back teeth used for chewing or other teeth for a hidden dental repair that lasts for decades with proper care.

Do you need a dental filling or want to replace old, visible fillings? Composite fillings are available at DNTL Hub to improve the appearance of your smile. Contact us today in Galt, and ask about composite fillings. We accept most forms of dental insurance and also offer financing plans to help dental work fit into any budget.

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