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Regular cleanings and checkups at the dentist are foundational to your family’s good oral health. Along with routine brushing and flossing at home, our professional teeth cleaning services keep everyone’s teeth clean and healthy. Plus, regular checkups allow Dr. Dalla to catch small issues early before they can develop into more serious and costly problems.

Even the most ardent brusher and flosser in your family cannot remove every bit of plaque from their teeth. There are just too many places it can hide, and your reach is limited. Professional cleanings twice a year allow our hygienist to remove these hidden pockets of plaque before they harden into tartar and cause tooth and gum problems. The one-two punch of regular home oral care and professional cleanings are the best defense against gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

Comprehensive dental exams by Dr. Dalla are vital to maintaining good oral health. Little ones, adolescents, teens and adults all need regular checkups to ensure small issues do not develop into larger, more complex problems. Your mouth is mostly hidden from view, and it requires a dental specialist with the right tools to examine every nook and cranny, where many dental issues develop first.

Small cracks in teeth or early signs of gingivitis can be detected and handled quickly, and much more affordably, than if allowed to progress into a diseased tooth or periodontal disease. Routine oral cancer screenings can catch suspicious-looking tissues early for analysis. If mouth cancer is caught in the beginning stages, it is much easier to treat and defeat.

Very often, any small oral issue we detect can be treated or repaired during your visit, saving you time as well as extra costs. Fillings, bonding and many other procedures only take a few minutes with our talented and experienced oral care team. Keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean with bi-annual checkups and cleanings at DNTL Hub.

Complete Family Dental Care in Galt

Dr. Devan Dalla and the skilled oral care team at DNTL Hub invite you to schedule routine checkups and cleanings every six months for your entire family. We can help with family block scheduling to save you time, and most dental insurance plans cover the complete costs of checkups and cleanings. Call or schedule a visit with us online for your next checkup and professional cleaning.

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