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A young woman suffering from dental pain.

When teeth become damaged, the impact can become serious and far-reaching. Even a chipped tooth can draw attention from your smile and cause other issues with eating or oral care. Plus, a chipped, cracked or broken tooth can allow infection to set in and jeopardize your oral health. Pain and more serious, and costly, dental treatments will surely follow. DNTL Hub provides skilled repairs for chipped, cracked or broken teeth for those living in and around Galt, CA.

A chipped tooth may have enough enamel removed to expose the sensitive dentin inside to decay and infection. This is the sensitive part of the tooth that contains the nerves. Any decay causes pain and discomfort. Quickly repairing a chipped or cracked tooth can prevent infection and more serious deterioration from happening. These minor repairs are not painful, and our skilled team matches the repair with your tooth color, making it invisible.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

Any action or event can cause a cracked or broken tooth. From an auto accident to a football tackle or even biting onto a popcorn kernel, you could suffer a damaged tooth. When this occurs, you need a tooth repair or restoration as quickly as possible to prevent more damage or decay. You may or may not experience pain, but if the crack extends into the tooth root, you could lose the tooth.

At DNTL Hub, Dr. Dalla and our team can quickly repair cracked or broken teeth to prevent further damage or infection. In fact, when you damage a tooth, call us right away – we may be able to see you the same day for an emergency repair. We can restore your oral health with a filling, crown, inlay or onlay or by using dental bonding that is color-matched to your other teeth. The repair Dr. Dalla will recommend depends on the type of damage. We will always explain what has happened to your tooth and the repair options we recommend.

If you need cracked, broken or chipped tooth repair in or around Galt, California, come visit Dr. Devan Dalla and the team at DNTL Hub. We accept most insurance plans and have financing options available to help with unexpected costs. We also have extended hours and may be able to see you the same day for an emergency dental repair.

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