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Little twin sisters showing nice teeth in their smiles.

One of our real pleasures at DNTL Hub is performing your baby’s first dental checkup. Recommended to occur by age one by The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, this initial visit allows us to begin building a relationship of trust with your child early, as well as monitoring those first teeth. Dr. Devan Dalla is an accredited pediatric dentist, whom your child should see within six months of the emergence of the first tooth. Families in Galt and Lodi, CA, can come to DNTL Hub for comprehensive pediatric dental care, and especially for your child’s first visit to the dentist.

Primary teeth usually begin to emerge around six months of age. The very first is typically an incisor, at the bottom front, with the top front teeth following close behind. Even these primary teeth need proper care, and Dr. Dalla has the extensive training and experience as a pediatric dentist to know how to monitor your child’s oral development for the best dental health all through life. This is also the best time to begin establishing good oral health practices, so they become second-nature to your child.

What to Expect During Your Child’s First Dental Visit in Galt

In most cases, parents are the ones that are more anxious about their baby’s first dental visit. Babies do not know to fear the dentist, and we work hard to establish a relationship of trust and relaxation from the earliest visits. At DNTL Hub, our entire team loves working with young patients and strives to make everyone feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. Your baby’s first dental exam is quite gentle, as Dr. Dalla is a seasoned pediatric dentist who knows how to perform dental exams on little ones without causing anxiety or discomfort.

This initial dental visit is primarily to make sure your young child’s teeth are developing properly and coming in normally. Our team will explain how to clean your baby’s teeth thoroughly, with some tips for making it a fun daily and nightly routine. We will also share some things to watch for as these early teeth develop and erupt. Each child is different and their teeth can develop various issues even this early. Catching problems early allows us to handle them quickly and much easier, usually with just some adjustments for better development.

At DNTL Hub, we believe in beginning good oral care habits early in life, and the best time to start is within six months of your baby’s first tooth. Contact us for excellent care in Galt, CA, from an experienced pediatric dentist that will guide your child’s oral development throughout the most formative years and on through life. Schedule your baby’s first visit today, and ask about dental insurance we accept and our in-house financing options.

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