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Yes, Baby Teeth Need Proper Care! Galt, CA
A baby with a toothbrush.

Primary teeth, commonly called baby teeth, are the first set of teeth to emerge. Unlike adult teeth, the baby teeth are not here to stay. This permanent set of teeth is only around for a limited number of years during childhood before they fall out and permanent teeth take their place. Such a temporary lifespan often makes parents (or kids) question whether or not these teeth really matter. If they are going to fall out anyways, is it really that important to care for them?

Yes! Baby teeth absolutely matter, and they must be cared for just like you would permanent teeth. Not only do healthy primary teeth foster a pretty smile, they also serve critical roles towards your child’s development and overall health.

Place Holders for Future Alignment

First and foremost, baby teeth hold the place for adult teeth. Letting them fall out too soon could jeopardize the way your child’s future smile will look! If permanent teeth erupt out of alignment, this can lead to the need for orthodontic correction as a teen or adult.

Speech Development

Did you know that your teeth help control proper articulation and speech? As your child grows and develops, their primary teeth are used to help them form words and sounds. If baby teeth aren’t taken care of and they fall out prematurely, your child could experience delays in speech development or speech impediments that cause them to be teased by their peers.

Overall Health and Well-being

Don’t dismiss the link between oral health and overall health. When we let things like gum disease and tooth decay go unchecked, it can cause major threats to one’s body health and quality of life. In fact, the leading cause of missed school days in children is tooth decay. Cavities are not only painful, but they can make it hard to eat a well-balanced diet. Over time, they can lead to infection in the mouth and body as well as malnutrition during these important years of growth.

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At DNTL Hub, we proudly treat patients of all ages – including the smallest smiles of your household. Call our office today to learn more about our pediatric dental services in a comfortable and caring atmosphere.

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