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The Hidden Threats of Missing Teeth Galt, CA
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Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, permanent teeth don’t always live up to their promise. Your natural teeth can fall out or need extraction due accidental injury, severe disease and other complications. When a tooth goes missing, however, it needs to be replaced for both cosmetic and health reasons. The unsightly gap in your smile after missing teeth may be the most obvious threat, but it is not the only one.

The Oral Health Dangers of Not Replacing a Missing Tooth

The health of your smile is also at risk if you avoid or delay the replacement of a lost permanent tooth. Over time, the adjacent teeth will naturally migrate towards the open gap. This can cause a host of problems as your teeth shift out of alignment, including the following:

  • Greater Risk of Decay: When teeth drift towards open gaps in your mouth, they can become crooked and overlap. This can make cleaning a challenge. When all surfaces of your teeth don’t get cleaned properly, it creates an open invitation for cavities and disease.
  • Bite Issues/TMJ Symptoms: If your remaining teeth don’t stay in the position after a tooth goes missing, it disrupts your overall alignment and bite. Unfortunately, when your upper and lower teeth don’t close correctly, it can lead to uncomfortable TMJ symptoms and jaw issues due to this malocclusion.
  • Bone Loss: Another hidden yet serious threat of not replacing a missing tooth is bone loss. Your jawbone retains its density and form through the stimulation of your tooth roots every time you chew or bite down. Without a tooth root, the jaw can atrophy over time. If you have multiple missing teeth, this can even change the way your face looks and create premature facial aging.

Your Tooth Replacement Solution

At DNTL Hub, we stand in firm agreement that dental implants are the best way to replace a missing tooth or teeth. When placed in a timely manner after you’ve lost a permanent tooth, a dental implant can help you avoid the above-mentioned threats. Dental implants can save your smile appearance and your smile health. Call our Galt dental clinic today to learn more about our full menu of options in restorative dentistry.

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